Fresh install, Windows Update error 0x8024402F


After a fresh reinstall of Windows XP SP3 from a Dell CD on a Latitude E5400, I installed the Broadcom NIC driver and then went to the Windows Update site. After I clicked Custom (or Express) I almost immediately received the following error:

“The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options below might help you to solve the problem.”

Off to the right is the error code “Error Number: 0x8024402F.”

After fruitless scouring of Google and Microsoft’s support website, I finally went into Tools, Manage Add-Ons and disabled the Messenger add-on. I did this because one of the other things I did after Windows installed was to go into Add/Remove Programs and Windows Components and unchecked Windows Messenger since we do not use it. I disabled the Messenger add-on, restarted Internet Explorer and went back to the Windows Update site. It worked perfectly!


So, a possible solution for the above error is to disable the Messenger add-on in Internet Explorer. Good luck!


3 responses to “Fresh install, Windows Update error 0x8024402F

  1. work!!

  2. This error also happens when a firewall blocks the Windows Update site… of all of the Windows Updates IPs or domains to allow in your firewall.

  3. Thanks a ton, I never would have figured this out!!!