Setting permissions to use WordPerfect 8/9 on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Setting permissions to use WordPerfect 8 on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista

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For Windows 2000 and WordPerfect 8 I collected the information below. I am not sure if it will work, but it should get you started:

First, logged in as Administrator:
1. Find the WP8 Suite’s Programs folder on the drive you installed the suite to
2. Right click on it, and click on properties
3. Select Sharing tab
4. Ensure the folder is Shared
5. Click on Permissions
4. If the groups Users is there, highlight it, if it is not there add it
5. Look at the permissions below, give the Users full control and modify
rights as well to this folder.
6. Now try WPWin8 as a user, again.

Also, Windows 2000 restricts the %systemroot% directory by default; you must print first as Administrator, which will generate PFP80JCM.{PB and PFP80JPR.{PB files in the %systemroot% (%windir%) folder. Make those two files full access for *everyone*.

Then run WP as the user, use File/Print, Settings, and disable print history.

This should allow it to print properly.

And quoting Debra Earle:
In addition to Charles’ comments, WP8 requires users to have some full access to HKLM|Software|Corel; for example, paper size/types are stored under that key rather than under the user’s profile. So you may have to open up permissions on HKLM|Software|Corel to full access for Everybody. Run regedt32, use the Security item on the menu, Permissions.

Vista update
Reported by Andrew Lockwood in the Corel newsgroups:
I worked out the answer for myself. I changed the permissions for
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT / WordPerfect.PerfectScript
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT / WordPerfect.PerfectScript.8
and it works fine now.

So use the registry editor to give all users all permissions for those registry entries.



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