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Motorola Droid 2 Global Exchange push sync issues (ie. it doesn’t work)

See Motorola forum post:

Here is the basic premise. There is and has been an issue with the Motorola Blur line of phones (Droid X, Pro, Droid 2, etc) that have customizations on top of the stock Android email client. The issue comes into play when you have a Corporate Sync account created and Push email enabled. The phone disconnects and will not receive email unless you manually sync the email. This error affects a wide line of Motorola phones, their touted line of Business-Ready phones (Droid Pro and D2G) and Motorola still has no fix. Many errors seem to happen from this issue and no amount of troubleshooting by users (Motorola staff hasn’t been active on the forum since before Christmas ’10) have been able to resolve the issue.

The drop of connection seems to be the result of some power saving feature however even if you turn your phone to Performance Mode where the data connection is supposed to be 100% active it still fails. Most users, including us, only get a few minutes to an hour of reliable sync until it fails to receive emails. Even disabling Push support and syncing every 15 mins fails after a while.

We have been using TouchDown (available for free for 30days then $20 in the Android Market) as an email client because of the issue with the Blur-client. I have even gone as far as rooting my phone and installing a custom ROM and then installing TouchDown. There are still issues with TouchDown not receiving emails so I am pointing more towards a hardware issue with the phone.

If you want to spend a few hours reading through the 40 pages of the frustration on the forum post listed above you might want to. If you have the capability of starting a Class-Action suit you may want to. If you can post the forum on technology or other news sites, you may want to. We need to get this issue out there. Motorola is touting Business-Ready phones that do not perform the most basic Business function of sending and receiving emails. You also may want to return your Droid 2 Global (or Pro, X) as these issues have no resolution date as of today (X users have been waiting for many months) and Motorola staff have been hush since before Christmas. You have 30 days to return your device to Verizon after purchase.

I would recommend getting a HTC or any other Android manufacturer as no other devices have this issue. There are new devices that offer the physical keyboard that we wanted as well as fast processor. HTC seems to be leading these phones that work well on Verizon. I have had a HTC Hero on Sprint that is synced to the same email account as my D2G and it has not had any problem with its stock email client.